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Independent Authors

Welcome Independent Authors!


Consignment Books

Thank you for your interest in placing your book at Fine Print Bookshop. If your book is available through one of our established publishers, and we decide to carry it, we will purchase it directly from the publisher. If that is the case, you are welcome to send us notification of your book's publication to Please include the book title, ISBN, publisher, and price information.
If your book is self-published, not readily available through our normal distributors/publishers, or is only available on a non-returnable basis, due to the economics of carrying these titles, we may sell it on a consignment basis. On consignment, the book remains the property of the consignor until sold. Fine Print Bookshop is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged merchandise. If you would like us to consider carrying your book, please read our consignment guidelines:

  • For any book accepted on consignment, we require a signed Consignment Agreement. (We are currently working on the agreement. You can email us at in the meantime.)
  • A $25 non-refundable fee (cash or check only) is required for each submission. This fee helps pay for the extra labor involved in tracking inventory and payments for each title and is due at the end of each 6 month period unless title has sold 10+ copies in the previous period. 
  • All consignment requests must be made in writing via email. All walk-in visits or telephone inquiries will be directed to visit our website and submit a consignment request in writing via email.
  • We take a minimum 40% discount (60% of sales go to the author) and we keep consigned books in stock for a minimum of 6 months. At the end of this period, we will reevaluate the continued stocking of the title. A $25 non-refundable fee (cash or check only) is required to continue carrying each title unless it has sold 10+ copies in the previous 6 months.
  • Payment is made twice a year in June and at the end of December. It is the author’s responsibility to delivery new inventory and pick up unsold inventory. Please see our consignment agreement for more information.
  • To submit a book for consideration, please fill out our consignment agreement (we are currently working on the agreement so you may disregard this step at this time) and email it along with your contact information, book title, ISBN, and price information. It is also helpful to include promotional materials, publicity plans, target audience, and any connections to the Saline area. Send everything to If we feel your book is a fit for our shop, we will request a review copy. Please do not drop off or mail review copies at the bookstore without our permission. Any submitted review copies become the property of Fine Print Bookshop. We are happy to return review copies at the author's expense.
  • The consignment review process can take several weeks. We will notify you by email of our decision.
  • In an effort to focus on our local authors, we will only stock consignment books by authors from or books relevant to our region.
  • We do our best to provide a visible section for consignment books and placement of your title inside the store is at our discretion.​
  • All books considered must meet the following requirements:
    • Have an ISBN and bar code printed on the book.
    • Title and author printed on the spine
    • No spiral bindings
    • No advertising on the book that references other sellers (ex. Amazon, Barnes and Noble etc.)
    • Must be for sale at the same price at all outlets. (ex. Cannot be $15 here but available online for $11)
  • Our decision is final. We retain the right to not carry a book if we believe it doesn’t fit the store philosophy or our market.

We are proud to support local authors through our consignment program. We look forward to speaking with you and thank you again for your interest in Fine Print Bookshop.

Author Events

One of our primary goals for Fine Print Bookshop is to become a location centered around the community. Author events are a significant piece of this aim. For more information and to apply for a local author event, please email us at We are currently limiting the number of events we schedule throughout the year as we learn what works best for the community. At this time, events will have full mask requirements to keep everyone as safe as possible.

You can email any consignment/event questions to Please review our consignment form before sending questions. We do not accept phone calls for consignment/event questions.